I just got the first mix of my forthcoming album, and it sounds NASTY!  Still lots of work to do, and it’s way too early to announce release dates, but don’t worry about staying tuned, cause when the ish drops, you’ll know.  Pictured above: me and Upryz in the studio, workin’ on it (and it).

Awkward BEP video

March 12, 2010

Ah, the Black Eyed Peas’ group dynamic in a nutshell.  (Pea hull?)  will.iam and Fergie preside in the back while apl.de.ap and Taboo b-boy around up front like two dancing bears.  They try to stop around 1:45, but, at around 2:00, will makes them keep going. “No more fluid fluid?”  They gamely resume, jobs no doubt on the line.  Delightful!

For the record, I like almost all BEP singles, most songs from “Monkey Business,” and will’s solo album.

Guest blogger: MF DOOM

March 5, 2010

Hi ho!  DOOM here.  Just a heads-up: my boy Napkins has some great shows in March, including a couple of 30-minute sets at the Westside Comedy Theater.  That’s a ton of Nap-time, and you can be sure he’ll be performing lots of new raps that you would be remiss to miss.  Get all the details on these and other shows at http://mrnapkins.com/schedule, and stay tuned for more info on his forthcoming album (tentatively due out in late spring or early summer).  Peace!


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