Well HOWDY, chums!!!  2010 is going to be quite a year for everyone’s favorite pineapple-headed comedy rapper —- your fave and mine, MC Mr. Napkins!!!!  His forthcoming album is all nice and recorded with a red shiny bow on top – now it just needs to be edited, mixed, mastered, artworked, and distributed.  That’s going to take a few months, but you gotsta gotsta gotsta be patient, cause when it DOES drop (finally!!!!!), it’s going to have all the good stuff you’re a-hungerin’ for, from studio stunners to live loveliness to radical remixes. But it CERTAINLY won’t have any HIDDEN tracks!  (Which is exactly what I’d say if I were trying to throw you OFF the track….sneaky sneaky!)

It’s gonna be quite a year!  As Napkins said to me at our falconry lesson last week, “Gettin’ plenty done, yo, in twenty-one-oh!”

Killin’ it,


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