Company B

November 20, 2009

Yesterday, I reconvened a group of singers who have not performed together since 2001: five former members of Company B, Brandeis University’s oldest a cappella group (of which I was a member for four years, president for two).  These smooth crooners were laying down some background vocals for the album I’m currently recording.  From left: Olinde Mandell, Mark Lipman, Brendan Gannon, Staci Hopkin, and Michelle Zeitler.  Rap hands!

Here I am in a Boston Herald article about the local comedy scene.  Thanks for the props to my boy Rick Jenkies of the Comedy Studio, who could have also mentioned Joe Wong (and likely did).  So far this year, Joe has appeared on both Letterman and Ellen and will be performing at the 2010 White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

In addition to me, Rick name-checks Myq Kaplan and Shane Mauss, two of my favorite comics (and two of my closest, most inspiring comedy pals).  They both just taped a half hour special for Comedy Central, which is a huge and well-deserved career milestone for each of them.  If you are looking at my website but don’t know who they are, do yourself a favor and know.


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