All Points West

July 27, 2009

This weekend, I will be performing at the All Points West Music & Arts Festival in Liberty State Park, NJ.  Headlining the day I’m performing is the God MC himself: Jay-Z.

Napkins Jigga

This will be the first time he’s gotten to perform with me, and it’s a big opportunity for him.  While I’m glad to be sharing a bill with Jay, I’d rather be sharing it with the act that was supposed to perform that night: white-guy rap icons the Beastie Boys.  The B’s have cancelled their tour because Adam “MCA” Yauch has developed cancer of the parotid gland.  Maybe putting the word “Ill” in all those album titles was not the best idea.

Yauch, get well soon.  You’ve been one of my hip-hop heroes since I was 13, and I know I’ll get to perform with you someday.  Meantime, everybody else, come see me rock the comedy stage on Friday night, and keep an ear out for an upcoming Napkins joint tentatively titled “Motherf*ck MCA’s Parotid Cancer.”


July 23, 2009

The Just For Laughs Comedy Fest in Montreal is in full swing.  This is Victor, the JFL mascot:


This cartoon is a prettied-up representation of a real monster who lives in the hills of Montreal and frequently descends into town and eats people.  Artists are afraid to depict his true appearance, so they present this cleaned-up cutesy version, but he is in fact horrible to gaze upon as well as omnipresent.  Yesterday I watched him ride down a city block crouched on top of a bus, leap off, and eat a child.   Then he picked his teeth with an umbrella he broke off a nearby cafe table.

For those of us who have managed to survive, the shows are awesome.  Here’s another blog post by Sara Faith Alterman, who is blogging the hell out of this and who says it better than I can.  Read!


July 21, 2009


Hey everybody.  I’m in Montreal, Canada right now (this Web IS world-wide!), performing at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival.  I’ll have more updates soon, but in the meantime, stay current by reading journalist and friend Sara Faith Alterman’s account of our road trip: “Of (driving to) Montreal.”


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