Week of May 25, 2009.

World leaders condemn N. Korea test, urge action,” Reuters, 5/25/09.
North Korea fires two more missiles after nuclear test,” the Guardian, 5/26/09.
As offer to bondholders fails, GM bankruptcy becomes nearly certain,” L.A. Times, 5/28/09.
Powell fires back in debate over GOP’s future,” Associated Press, 5/25/09.
Taliban claims responsibility for Lahore suicide attack,” CNN, 5/28/09.
California’s gay marriage ruling signals next step for both sides,” L.A. Times, 5/27/09.
President Obama picks Judge Sonia Sotomayor for Supreme Court,” Wall Street Journal, 5/26/09.

Goose Emcees

May 26, 2009

A recent performance of my smash hit “Goose Emcees.”  They’re all up in my engines!


Week of May 18, 2009.

Obama addresses abortion protests in commencement speech at Notre Dame,” Washington Post, 5/18/09.
Senate passes tougher rules for credit card firms,” Reuters, 5/20/09.
Obama, Netanyahu to discuss U.S.-Israeli disagreements,” CNN, 5/18/09.
Iran says it test-fired new long-range missile,” New York Times, 5/20/09.
Senators reject closing Gitmo prison without plan,” Associated Press, 5/20/09.
Obama to toughen rules on emissions and mileage,” New York Times, 5/19/09.
FBI arrest four in alleged plot to bomb Bronx synagogues, shoot down plane,” New York Daily News, 5/21/09.

Week of 5/11/09.

Industry groups pledge to stem health-care cost increases,” Washington Post, 5/11/09.
Cheney steps up assault on Obama,” AFP, 5/13/09.
Iran releases journalist convicted of spying for U.S.,” New York Times, 5/11/09.
Suspected Nazi guard Demjanjuk deported to Germany,” Associated Press, 5/12/09.
Top US commander in Afghanistan is fired,” Washington Post, 5/12/09.
US retail sales slump for second straight month,” Reuters, 5/13/09.
Obama reverses course on alleged prison abuse photos,” CNN, 5/13/09.

May 1 through 8, 2009.

Pakistan pounds Taliban; fighters pour into Swat,” Associated Press, 5/6/09.
Pace of job losses slows slightly,” Wall Street Journal, 5/8/09.
US banks need to up capital to meet ‘stress tests,’” AFP, 5/7/09.
Ginsburg: Court needs another woman,” USA Today, 5/6/09.
Obama budget cuts funds for ‘abstinence-only,’” Reuters, 5/7/09.
Obama, Biden go out for burgers,” New York Times, 5/5/09.
Confirmed cases of swine flu continue to rise in U.S.,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 5/7/09.

Napkins on the air

May 7, 2009

On Monday I taped an episode of “Keith and the Girl,” a comedy talk show and podcast.


You can listen to the episode here – I’m #951.  Then, on Tuesday, I did a spot on the Karlson & McKenzie Show, on Boston’s 100.7 WZLX.


Listen here.

Napkins in the Globe

May 3, 2009

The Boston Globe may be about to go under, but they weren’t going to fold without shining the limelight on ZMW (Zachary, the Maccabee of Wisecrackery).  Check out Nick Zaino III’s terrific write-up here.   

Me, as quoted in the article: “It’s amazing the level of punning that goes on even with hard-core gangsta MCs.”

Headline of the article: “He raps up laughs.”

Clearly, the author of that headline is a gangsta MC.

April 24 through 30, 2009.

Chrysler on verge of bankruptcy as last-ditch rescue talks collapse,” the Guardian, 4/30/09.
Obama ‘gravely concerned’ about Pakistan,” New York Times, 4/29/09.
U.S. economy contracts rapidly in first quarter,” Washington Post, 4/29/09.
Republican Senator switches parties,” BBC, 4/28/09.
UK Iraq combat operations to end,” BBC, 4/30/09.
NH moves a step closer to allowing gay marriage,” Associated Press, 4/30/09.
WHO raises pandemic alert to second-highest level,” CNN, 4/30/09.


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