Stuff@Night Magazine says I’m a “rising star.”  Check it out!  Here’s the article, and they took a picture of me from an interesting angle:


I think “jokez” says comedy + hip-hop very succinctly, and would be a point bonanza if a) you could lay it down on a triple word score and b) it were a real word.

The eagle-eyed viewer will spot a piece of framed art hanging on the wall behind me.  It is a sketch of a troll looking guilty because he has just been caught masturbating, and it was drawn by friend and Renaissance man Aaron Kagan, of Tea and Food.

Thanks to Sara Faith Alterman for the write-up and the special favor.  (She would make an off-color joke if she read that, but she would know what I meant.)

March 27 through April 2, 2009.

Conceding US lapses, Obama resists new bank rules,” New York Times, 4/2/09.
North Korea threatens to shoot down US spy planes ahead of missile launch,” the Guardian, 4/1/09.
US and Russia outline new arms control negotiations,” New York Times, 4/1/09.
Pistachios recalled in US over salmonella fears,” AFP, 3/31/09.
Apology offered at Khmer Rouge Trial,” New York Times, 3/31/09.
Obama threatens auto industry with bankruptcy,” the Guardian, 3/31/09.
GM to resign at White House’s behest,” Washington Post, 3/30/09.


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