March 20-26, 2009.

Obama faces press with focus on the economy,” Washington Post, 3/24/09.
Fed and Treasury chief to get grilled on AIG,” Associated Press, 3/24/09.
Treasury unveils details of plan to relieve banks of toxic assets,” Washington Post, 3/23/09.
North Korea ‘days away’ from launching missile,” The Guardian, 3/26/09.
US unveils plan to fight drug violence along Mexican border,” The Guardian, 3/25/09.
Red meat raises risk of all kinds of death,” Reuters, 3/25/09.
Lance Armstrong breaks collarbone in crash,” Associated Press, 3/23/09.

March 13-19, 2009.

Obama orders treasury chief to try to block AIG bonuses,” New York Times, 3/16/09.
Obama using campaign tools to promote agenda,” Chicago Tribune, 3/17/09.
On Africa trip, Pope says condoms won’t solve AIDS,” Associated Press, 3/17/09.
Austrian pleads guilty in incest case,” Associated Press, 3/18/09.
Cheney says Obama has increased our country’s risks,” New York Times, 3/16/09.
Former President Bush gives early details about his coming book,” Los Angeles Times, 3/19/09.
Studies cast doubt on leading prostate cancer test,” USA Today, 3/19/09.

Week of March 6 through 12.  Better late than never.

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N. Korea warns against intercepting ‘satellite’ launch,” CNN, 3/9/09.
Obama to overturn Bush policy on stem cells,” Associated Press, 3/9/09.
China harassed US ship, Pentagon says,” International Herald Tribune, 3/10/09.
Obama eyes sweeping overhaul of education,” AFP, 3/10/09.
Madoff will plead guilty; faces life for swindle,” New York Times, 3/11/09.
Alaska Gov. Palin’s daughter, fiance break up,” FOX News, 3/11/09.
Iraqi jailed for Bush shoe attack,” BBC, 3/12/09.

Week of February 27 through March 5.  Different format this week – no raps, just beats and anagrams.  Let me know what you think.  AND DON’T FORGET TO VOTE FOR ME FOR BEST COMIC IN BOSTON – see my last post for instructions.

AIG in new deal with US government, posts record loss,” CNN, 3/2/09.
Court issues warrant for arrest of Sudan president,” New York Times, 3/4/09.
U.S. car sales tank to troubling depths,” USA Today, 3/4/09.
U.S. to begin talks with Syria,” New York Times, 3/3/09.
Secret Bush administration legal memos released to public,” Chicago Tribune, 3/3/09.


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