Headline Anagram Jamma-Jam 7

February 20, 2009

Week of February 13 through February 19.

Obama unveils mortgage relief plan,” L.A. Times, 2/19/09.
NY Post cartoon seems to link Obama to dead chimp,” AP, 2/18/09.
Illinois senator admits trying to raise funds for Blagojevich,” The Times of India, 2/18/09.
GM, Chrysler seek billions more in aid,” Washington Post, 2/18/09.
Pet chimp is shot to death after mauling woman,” New York Times, 2/17/09.
Obama to set up task force on crippled US auto industry,” AFP, 2/16/09.
“Huge pencil is 76 feet long and 9 feet” – CNN seems to have taken down the link.  But I swear it’s real!


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