As you can see here, I, along with four very deserving comics, have been nominated for the title of “Boston’s Best Comedian” by the Boston Phoenix Readers Poll.  However, all the other nominees have a) more comedy work and/or b) better-paying day jobs than I do – so I can use the publicity bump the most, which makes your decision about who to vote for a little easier.  Here’s how to do it:

1.    Click this link:
2.    Click the radio button (I think that’s what they’re called – why?) next to my name.
3.    Hit “submit.”
4.    Hit “skip to finish.”
5.    Enter your name and e-mail (I know, I know, but it says this is a “required step,” so here’s the bargain: if I win, I’ll bring you to so many VIP rooms and limo parties that it’ll be worth the inbox clutter)
6.    Hit “submit.”  Done.

Let’s Slumdog this mofo!

Headline Anagram Jamma-Jam 8

February 26, 2009

Week of February 20 through 26.

Obama assures nation, ‘We will rebuild,’” New York Times, 2/25/09.
Bernanke tells Congress Fed knows what it is doing,”, 2/25/09.
Obama plans ‘down payment’ on healthcare overhaul,” LA Times, 2/26/09.
Iran says test of first nuclear power plant begins,” Bloomberg, 2/25/09.
A sharp drop in home prices at the end of the year,” New York Times, 2/24/09.
Google ocean watchers may have found Atlantis,”, 2/23/09.
US consumer confidence plunges to record low in February,” Reuters, 2/24/09.

Headline Anagram Jamma-Jam 7

February 20, 2009

Week of February 13 through February 19.

Obama unveils mortgage relief plan,” L.A. Times, 2/19/09.
NY Post cartoon seems to link Obama to dead chimp,” AP, 2/18/09.
Illinois senator admits trying to raise funds for Blagojevich,” The Times of India, 2/18/09.
GM, Chrysler seek billions more in aid,” Washington Post, 2/18/09.
Pet chimp is shot to death after mauling woman,” New York Times, 2/17/09.
Obama to set up task force on crippled US auto industry,” AFP, 2/16/09.
“Huge pencil is 76 feet long and 9 feet” – CNN seems to have taken down the link.  But I swear it’s real!

Headline Anagram Jamma-Jam 6

February 12, 2009

Week of February 6 through February 12. Sources below.

Obama to hit the road to push stimulus plan,” AFP, 2/9/09.
Congress reaches deal on stimulus plan,” New York Times, 2/11/09.
Consensus forming on Likud-led unity gov’t with Kadima,” Jerusalem Post, 2/11/09.
Iran ready for US talks with ‘mutual respect,’” AFP, 2/10/09.
Peanut butter outbreak prompts tighter food safety,” AP, 2/12/09.
Huge bank rescue plan meets more skepticism,” New York Times, 2/11/09.
A-Rod admits to using performance-enhancing substances,” Boston Globe, 2/10/09.

Week of January 30 through February 5.  Five jams deep and gathering momentum.  In another career milestone, if you type “mc mr” into the Google search bar on Firefox, “mc mr napkins” is the first suggested search.  I have arrived.

Consumer spending continues decline,” CNN, 2/2/09.
Iran launches first satellite,” Daily Telegraph, 2/3/09.
President puts bailout companies on notice,” CBS, 2/4/09.
Phelps caught in drug photo,” Melbourne Herald Sun, 2/1/09.
Obama stresses urgency of now for stimulus bill,” New York Times, 2/5/09.
Daschle withdraws from health job after ruckus over late tax payments,” London Independent, 2/4/09.


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