Headline Anagram Jamma-Jam 1

January 16, 2009

All right y’all. Here’s my first official Headline Anagram Jamma-Jam; it covers news stories between January 1 and January 8, 2009.  A new Jamma-Jam will come out every Thursday. To read the articles I used as anagram sources, click the links below the video.  Thanks to Ian Brownell for his guidance and equipment.  (Instrumental: “I’m Throwed,” by Paul Wall and Jermaine Dupree.)

Richardson won’t pursue cabinet post

Leon Panetta chosen as CIA director

Israeli troops move deeper into Gaza

Will Senate’s Dems seat Roland Burris?

Bushes’ pet cat India dies

Laura Bush signs deal for writing as-yet untitled memoir

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One Response to “Headline Anagram Jamma-Jam 1”

  1. Kim said

    Ha! We had the same brilliant idea to do a weekly video this year, but you have kept up with it! I pooped out at week five with my “New Song Weekly” thing, but at least I know what week I should be up to now. (I swear I’m gonna catch up!) I’m finding the video process overwhelming–lots of set-up and having to record audio separately because my camera is lame. Yours sound great though. I’m jealous!

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