Week of January 23-29.

House approves stimulus,” Boston Globe, 1/29/09.
Icy storm leaves thousands in dark,” CBS, 1/28/09.
U.S. Mideast envoy says Gaza ceasefire critical,” Reuters, 1/28/09.
Postmaster General: Mail days may need to be cut,” Associated Press, 1/28/09.
In Interview, Obama reaches out to Muslim world,” New York Times, 1/27/09.
Blagojevich skips impeachment hearing,” the Guardian, 1/27/09.
Recession may get worse, economists say,” CNN, 1/26/09.
Pope warns of ‘obsessive’ Facebook use,” the Huffington Post, 1/26/09.

Week of January 16-22.  This week’s Jamma-Jam has a special inauguration theme.  Beat produced by Upryz (aka Dan Fox), the music man behind such Napkins smashes as “Sphygmomanometer,” “Irrevocability,” and “Asparagus Pee.”  Thanks to Joe Madaus for the use of his Azden SGM 1X, in a pinch.  Additional thanks to Ian Brownell for his assistance.

“A historic inauguration draws throngs to the Mall”
Washington Post, 1/21/09
“Obama starts reversing Bush policies”Washington Post, 1/22/09
“Rescuing economy tops Obama’s agenda” – Reuters, 1/19/09
“Cheney in wheelchair for inauguration” – Associated Press, 1/19/09
“Oath is administered once again”New York Times, 1/21/09
“Bush leaves note for Obama in Oval Office desk” – Associated Press, 1/20/09

Week of January 9-15.  I shot this one entirely on my own, which I’m proud of, but hopefully quality will improve as I get better at it.  News links are below – just fyi, sometimes the media outlet changes the exact wording of the headline between the time that I write the anagram and when I publish on here. But I try to make phrases up as little as possible.  (Instrumental: “Back on the Scene” by Panik.)

U.S. retail sales drop sharply in December

Apple’s chief will temporarily step aside

Bush official confirms Guantanamo detainee was tortured

Prince Harry chastised for video insult

Hamas may survive offensive, Israel says

Bin Laden, on tape, urges jihad against Israel

All right y’all. Here’s my first official Headline Anagram Jamma-Jam; it covers news stories between January 1 and January 8, 2009.  A new Jamma-Jam will come out every Thursday. To read the articles I used as anagram sources, click the links below the video.  Thanks to Ian Brownell for his guidance and equipment.  (Instrumental: “I’m Throwed,” by Paul Wall and Jermaine Dupree.)

Richardson won’t pursue cabinet post

Leon Panetta chosen as CIA director

Israeli troops move deeper into Gaza

Will Senate’s Dems seat Roland Burris?

Bushes’ pet cat India dies

Laura Bush signs deal for writing as-yet untitled memoir


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